The Surroundings

P1040144Whatever species you are looking for, it can be found on the Swedish Species Observations System, known in Swedish simply as “Artportalen“. The only restrictions regards some protected species, for which some data is hidden.

Use this link to get to lists of all dragonflies, listed per province. “Sk” = Skåne, the province the ECOO is held in.

You can also access the pages of the Swedish Dragonfly Society, where you can see phenology and more for every species. The texts are mainly in Swedish though, so far.

43_storIf you want to get a book for birdwatching, we highly recommend “A Guide to Birdwatching in Skåne” (2008), price: SEK 50.
The book contains detailed descriptions and maps to 50 carefully selected birding sites in Skåne. Some are just general super sites, like Falsterbo. Others are selected because you may find some special specis there. You will be taken on a journey to coastal areas, wetlands, woodlands, lakes and other biotopes. The book is amply illustrated with colour photographs and maps.

Order and info here.


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