Apart from presentations, posters, field trips, dinners etc, there will also be dragonfly related things for sale and photo exhibitions and more. Do you have anything you would like to bring? Please let us know (contact Magnus) so we can plan for it by getting tables etc.

10492432_10152329133543681_6788747345024069670_nThe Swedish Dragonfly Society (Trollsländeföreningen) will have books (such as the atlas of the Dragonflies of Östergötland) etc for sale, and you can sign up for membership on the spot.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Scania (Naturskyddsföreningen i Skåne) plans to have the Atlas of Dragonflies of Skåne still hot from the printing for sale.

Osmylus Scientific Publishers will have literature from all fields of Odonatology.

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie will bring books on demand, such as the new Field Guide to the dragonflies of New Guinea, any of Tom Kompiers’ books and Dragonflies and Damselflies of East Africa. Please send an e-mail to well before if you want any books brought to the ECOO.