Post Congress Field Trip: The South East 15-20/7

You are of course welcome to join a post congress field trip without participating on the ECOO.

Nehalennia speciosa.This field trip will go to the South Eastern provinces of Östergötland and the island of Öland, and includes visits to unique habitats. The Entomological Society of Östergötland will sponsor accommodation during parts of the trip.

The cost for this field trip will be approximately €200, including accommodation, car rental and petrol. Bring your own bed clothes. Food is not included.


11953200_10153230952003681_376971184589572464_nFriday 15/7
We travel from the ECOO in Skåne to the province of Östergötland under the guidance of Tommy Karlsson, the author of the atlas of the Dragonflies of Östergötland. We visit sites for Aeshna serrata and more in the vicinity of Omberg and Lake Tåkern. We spend the night at Borghamns Hostel.

Saturday 16/7
We start with more visits to the area around Omberg and Tåkern (incl. a visit to the very modern visiting centre). We leave after lunch for more forested areas a bit to the southeast, around Malexander and Ulrika, including sites with Nehalennia speciosa, Coenagrion johanssoni and Leucorrhinia caudalis. We spend the night at Malexander Camp.

Sunday 17/7
10452378_10152271094718681_176454606385824857_nWe start this day off with more visits to sites in the forests in the vicinity of Malexander and Ulrika. Later we leave for the island of Öland where we spend three nights at Stora Frögården. We meet up with Helena Lager who will guide us on the island.

Monday 18/7
We visit several nice sites on the middle part of the island such as Jordtorpsåsen and Högsmossen with species such as Leucorrhinia albifrons.

Tuesday 19/7
IMAG4056Today we visit sites on the southern part of the island, in the unique World Heritage Site such as the quarry at Albrunna and Frösslundamossen. If possible, timewise, we visit the Ottenby Bird Ringing Station and their Heligoland traps, that some days catches 100’s of migrating odonates.

Wednesday 20/7
The last day of the field trip. Departure back towards Tyringe/Hässleholm, through the provinces of Småland, Blekinge and Skåne. We make stops along the way if we have time for it or if we still lack some expected species.

Some expected species: Sedgling Nehalennia speciosa, Variable Bluet Coenagrion pulchellum, Spearhead Bluet C. hastulatum, Arctic Bluet C. johanssoni, Large Redeye Erythromma najas, Blue Featherleg Platycnemis pennipes, Brown Hawker Aeshna grandis, Green-eyed Hawker A. isoceles, Moorland Hawker A. juncea, Baltic Hawker A. serrata, Bog Hawker A. subarctica, Green Hawker A. viridis, Downy Emerald Cordulia aenea, Brilliant Emerald Somatochlora metallica, Yellow-spotted Emerald S. flavomaculata, Northern Emerald S. arctica, Eurasian Baskettail Epitheca bimaculata, Small Whiteface Leucorrhinia dubia, Yellow-spotted Whiteface L. pectoralis, Dark Whiteface L. albifrons, Lilypad Whiteface L. caudalis.

For the birdwatchers there are good chances during this trip to see species such as Collared Flycatcher, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Barred Warbler, Greenish Warbler and Slavonian Grebe.

Organisers of the field trip: Ingela Gustafsson, Tommy Karlsson, Helena Lager.

Do you want to join or do you have questions about this field trip? Contact Magnus.

PLEASE NOTE that if you plan to participate on any of the Post Congress Field Trips, be sure to contact us before you buy your plane- or railroad ticket since you might be able to leave from another airport / station. Other airports that could be worth checking up as you will pass them by or closely on the way back from the field trip are:





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