Field Trips

ECOO 2012.

From the PCFT to Bosnia-Hercegovina in 2012.

During and after the ECOO 2016 there will be several field trips.

The Mid Congress Field Trip is included in the symposium. The Post Congress Field Trips are optional and starts immediately after the symposium is finished.

– Mid Congress Field Trip: Skåne

– Post Congress Field Trip: South Eastern Provinces 15-20/7

– Post Congress Field Trip: Above the Polar Circle 15-23/7

You are of course welcome to join a field trip without participating on the ECOO.

Special wishes?
Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any special species or habitats you would like to see or visit. We will then try to fit that into the field trip schedule. Please let us know well before hand though.

Do you have questions about the field trips?
Please follow the links above to the pages with the info on each field trip.



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