Welcome to the web page of ECOO: The European Congress on Odonatology!

ECOO is a biennial European Dragonfly Symposium, arranged since 2010, and the ECOO 2016 is the fourth congress to be arranged.

The ECOO 2016 will be held in Sweden, probably in Skåne during the first week of July in 2016.

The ECOO in itself is not an organisation, instead organisations and/or persons are taking turns to arrange an ECOO.

The ECOO welcomes anyone that are working on or are interested in dragonflies at all levels.

The vision is to keep arranging a biennial European Dragonfly Symposium and through that create and maintain a sustainable European network of Odonatologists, all for the greater good of dragonflies and their habitats.

The vision with the ECOO 2016 is to get at least 100 participants from all over Europe to come to the best ECOO so far. An ECOO that will be so affordable that also students from all over Europe will be able to participate.

After the ECOO there will be field trips to exciting areas in other parts of Sweden. These typically last for a week or more. You are of course welcome to join a post congress field trip without participating on the ECOO.

We wish you all a very warm welcome and hope to see all of you in Sweden in July 2016!


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