6th ECOO postponed due to COVID-19!

In view of the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak, the Organisers and the Scientific Committee have carefully assessed the global situation and after due consideration regarding the health and safety of the participants have jointly agreed to postpone the 6th European Congress on Odonatology, which was scheduled from 29 June to 2 July 2020 in Kamnik, Slovenia. 
The Slovene Dragonfly Society now proposes to organize the 6th ECOO at the end of June 2022 on a similar date and at the same location. 

We thank the participants, speakers and supporters of this ECOO for their understanding and invite you all to stay tuned for the new dates.

Notice relating to the COVID-19 outbreak

We, the organizers of the European Congress on Odonatology 2020, are closely monitoring the situation regarding the current worldwide spread of SARS-CoV-2 (“coronavirus”), i.e. the COVID-19 epidemic.The procedure of registering for the congress is completely electronic and excludes physical contact, which is the reason why no changes are planned in this respect at the moment. We invite all who are planning to come to the congress (in the best possible scenario) to please finish the registration until 5 April for you to help us with possible future decision about the needed measurements according to this outbreak.
At the same time, no changes are envisaged, for the time being, in the actual implementation of the congress, for we hope that the epidemic will die out before the planned beginning of our European congress.

Although changes about the early registration and abstract submissions where made: all who will register until 5 April won’t need to pay the registration fee at the time of the registration – due of the payment is prolonged to 5 May), so please do not hesitate to register. Also, we prolonged the deadline for submitting your abstract contributions not to force you to prepare them in advance if the worse scenario will come to. New deadline, for the time being, for abstracts submission is 10 May.

If it turns out that the epidemic is likely to protract into summer, however, all of the registered participants will be notified in due course about all potential alterations. Registration fees and possible lodgings, which perhaps you will settle on the account of our Odonatological Society, will be reimbursed in the event the organizers cancel or reschedule the congress.

In any case, we shall act wisely and in accordance with scientific and health standards in the organization of the congress. Let us hope that we do meet this summer! 

Further decisions regarding all this issue will be taken upon in late April, when a final decision about organizing the ECOO 2020 will be made.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you the easiest days with the stress level as low as possible and of course all the health! #stayhome 

Less than a month for early registration and abstract submission (deadline 5th April)

Less than a month before the deadline for early registration and the deadline for submitting your abstracts, the Slovene Dragonfly Society welcomes you to register for the 6th European Congress on Odonatology (ECOO) 2020 that will take place in Kamnik, Slovenia from June 29 to July 2 2020. 

For more information check several menus at this ECOO 2020 website. Not to forget, the deadline for early registration as well as for submitting your abstracts is 5th April. Deadline for early registration is fixed and will not be prolonged.

You will help with the organisation when registering sooner than later. Up to now, we already have participants coming from 17 countries. Check which.

All are also welcome to arrange their accommodation with the organisers or on their own as well as receive some additional information if needed via e-mail european.congress.odonatology@gmail.com or our Facebook group. More information about the post-congress field trip will be published in April, some basic information (such as the dates and the fee) are already available at the proper menu. Relatively soon we will also tell you some secrets – for example first plenary lectures.

The deadline for grant application is approaching

A reminder, the deadline for grant application is 1st March. More about the grants.

For the moment, the grants are sponsored by Dutch Dragonfly Society, Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Odonatologen e.V., Flemish Dragonfly Society, The Italian Society for the study and the conservation of dragoflies and Slovene Dragonfly Society.

For those who plan to participate at the ECOO 2020, 5th April is the deadline for submitting their abstracts, as well as for early registration.
You will help the organisers if you submit your registrations sooner than later.

A month after opening the registration

Even though registration opened a month ago, we have already received confirmation of participation from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia and even Australia and India.

For those who plan to participate at the ECOO 2020, 5th April is the deadline for submitting their abstracts, as well as for early registration. You will help with the organisation if you submit your registrations sooner than later.

A registration form for the ECOO 2020 IS AVAILABLE HERE. 


In Slovenia during this week we started to celebrate 100-year anniversary of our first nature protection program called ‘Spomenica Odseka za varstvo prirode in prirodnih spomenikov’. While in Odonatological community we can start celebrating that registration for European Congress on Odonatology 2020 is finally open.

A registration form for the ECOO 2020 IS AVAILABLE HERE. More about the registration you can find in the registration menu. All other practical information is published at this website as well, together with abstract form, grant application, accommodation options, how to get to Kamnik, etc.

Venue for ECOO 2020 is chosen

We have some latest news before publishing more information about ECOO 2020 and open registrations (planned to be sent and published 25-28 January). Hosting city of ECOO 2020 in Slovenia is going to be Kamnik, a medieval town in north-central Slovenia. It is located about 30 km from our capital city Ljubljana. The actual venue for the congress will be Monastery Mekinje. There are several accommodations nearby, majority at walking distance of 10 to 20 minutes. Two of them we will already book in advance and for some others we will be able to proclaim some discounts for ECOO participants. If you need more information, you are always welcome to contact us.

At menu Location you can read more about our hosting town and congress’ venue.

Atrium of the venue of ECOO 2020.

The First Announcement – ECOO 2020


Dear Odonatologists and other nature enthusiasts,
Slovene Dragonfly Society is pleased to announce that European Congress on Odonatology (ECOO) 2020 will take place in Central Slovenia, approximately 20 km from the capital city Ljubljana, from June 29th to July 2nd 2020.

Congress in Slovenia will be the sixth in the row of European gatherings dedicated to exchange and spread of knowledge on Western Palearctic Odonata and at the same time presents 10-year anniversary of the first ECOO, held in Portugal in 2010. This time we will meet on the border of Central European continent and the Balkan Peninsula. Lectures and presentations on different topics preferably connected with European damselflies and dragonflies are welcomed. Besides oral and poster presentations, we encourage you to present your video and multimedia works. As customary the working language on the Congress will be English. Participation of students at the Congress is one of the missions of ECOOs.

In addition to lectures and poster presentations during this 4-day Congress we plan to organise a mid-congress trip, stress out the importance of nongovernmental societies and others on protection of odonates and also organise an odonatological fair in order to ease access to contemporary literature and also other products connected with dragonflies and field work. In that spirit we would also like to ask you to join this initiative by bringing your own publications or publications available in your country and also other materials.

We would like to encourage early submissions of abstracts of your lectures – the deadline for early registration and for submitting abstracts will be 5th April 2020. Registration fee for early registration (up to 5th April) will be 120 € for students and 210 € for others, while for late registration (after 5th April 2020 by 1st June 2020) will be 150 € for students and 250 € for others. Registration fee will cover congress materials, mid-congress trip, four lunches, welcome and farewell congress dinner, ECOO 2020 T-shirt and the congress site. Accommodation, breakfasts, two dinners and transportation to the Congress’ venue are not included in the registration fee listed. For young or unemployed active participants also Grants for participating at ECOO will be available after January 2020.

In January 2020 additional information on the ECOO 2020 will be available on this website when also registration form will be provided.

Sharing this information with your colleagues and friends would greatly improve our common efforts to associate people with interest in Odonata.

For more details, contact us through ECOO e-mail address.

At the same time, we ask all who can support organization of European Congress on Odonatology, as well as participate in Grants, to make a contact with the organizers. We will appreciate your help.

Dobrodošli v Slovenijo! (Welcome to Slovenia!)

in behalf of Organisation committee of European Congress on Odonatology 2020
/ Damjan Vinko