Logo of the ECOO 2022

The congress has just started and we would like to show you the official logo of this year’s European Congress on Odonatology! The logo symbolizes the place and the country where the sixth in the row of European gatherings dedicated to exchange and spread of knowledge on Western Palearctic Odonata is going on. The main part of the logo is Somatochlora meridionalis, a species for which Slovenia is definitely the best place in Europe to see!

Logo of ECOO 2022 made by Simon Zidar, supporter and sympathizer of the Slovene Dragonfly Society.
Official logo of all the ECOOs, made by Miloš Jović from Serbia, organizer of the ECOO 2012. This year’s chosen colours are also the colours of the Slovene flag.

Book of abstracts of the ECOO 2022

ECOO 2022 is organized by the Slovene Dragonfly Society – Slovensko odonatološko društvo (SOD). The Congress will embrace 43 oral presentations and 14 poster presentations with published abstracts in the ECOO 2022 book. At the moment we are inviting you to check the program where all the lectures are published.

Altogether, 74 odonatologist or other nature enthusiasts are to participate at the ECOO Participants are coming from 25 countries from Europe and around the world
– Albania, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia,
Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, the
Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United
Kingdom and Slovenia.

The ECOO 2022 is supported by (in alphabetical order): Association Hyla (Croatia); Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora (Slovenia); Cyprus Dragonfly Study Group (Cyprus); Diversity Editorial office (Switzerland); Dutch Dragonfly Society (the Netherlands); Flemish Dragonfly Society (Belgium); Gesellschaft deutschsprachiger Odonatologen e.V. (Germany); International Dragonfly Fund (Germany); The Italian Society for the study and conservation of dragonflies – ODONATA.IT (Italy); Osmylus Scientific Publishers (Germany); Scientific and Research Association for Art, Cultural and Educational Programmes and Technology EPEKA, Social Enterprise  (Slovenia); Slovene Dragonfly Society (Slovenia); Swedish Dragonfly Society (Sweden); Športno kulturno društvo Mekinje (Slovenia); Zavod ŠOLT (Slovenia); Quelle & Meyer Verlag GmbH & Co. (Germany); project SDGYOU: Sustainable digitalization goals with youth, co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program and whose Slovenian partner is the Fundacija Študentski tolar, ustanova ŠOU v Ljubljani (Slovenia), project leader: Knowledge Infusion (Serbia); project Kačji pastirji in podnebne spremembe, implemented by the SOD within the Plan B za Slovenijo network (the climate program of the Plan B for Slovenia network is co-financed by the Eco Fund, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund and the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning with funds from the Climate Change Fund; all Slovenia).

We thank all our supporters and both ECOO Committees for making this congress possible!

Only a few days left

There is only a few days left to ECOO 2022, where more than 70 odonatologist from 25 countries will meet at the sixth in the row of European gatherings dedicated to exchange and spread of knowledge on Western Palearctic Odonata. Welcome!

A very interesting, although full, program is already published.

Sunday’s program

On Sunday, from 15.00 to 18.00, we will have early registration at the Mekinje Monastery for participants to check-in at the congress. There you will receive basic information about the ECOO, congress materials etc. Later on you are invited to join us at the Monastery, where members of the Slovene Dragonfly Society will prepare some small snacks and be available for chats until 21.00.

There is also guided tour around and about Kamnik (= hosting town) provided on Sunday. The tour is planned to start at 18.00 in the city centre (about 15 minutes by foot from the Monastery or 8 min from B&B Pod skalo). It lasts up to 2 hours.

For those arriving after early registration, you can register to the congress on Monday, from 8.00 to 10.00 at the Monastery, where the official program will happen during the congress.

Location of the Monastery on Google is here (entrance is from the northern wall).

Check-in at the accommodation

Those staying at the Mekinje Monastery can check-in to their room/bed on Sunday from 12.00 on. Those staying at the B&B Pod skalo can do the check-in from 16.00 to 21.30.

Transport to Kamnik

Timetable for buses going from Ljubljana to Kamnik on Sunday you can check here.

More about transportation is already published at the ECOO page.

Book pre-orders: Dutch Dragonfly Society

You can order books and materials listed bellow from Nederlandse Vereniging voor Libellenstudie (NVL) and receive them at the ECOO 2022. For orders contact nickvanwouwen@gmail.com and mentioning ‘books for ECOO’.

x. Kompier, Dragonflies of REGUA (South-East Brasil) – 35 €

x. Dijkstra/Clausnitzer, Dragonflies&Damselflies of East Africa – 30 €

x. Dragonflies New Guinea / Damselflies New Guinea – 10 € each (Damsels only 2 copies available)  

x. Atlas of Odonata of West and Central Asia – 25 €

x. Dragonfly t-shirt NVL, men’s with round neck, sizes S to XXXL; women’s with v-neck, sizes XS to XXL,  – 15 €

Payment is possible only in cash.

Overview of participation

We have received confirmation of participation of 75 participants coming from Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and even Australia, Colombia and India. Altogether 43 oral and 14 poster presentations are planned.

A detailed program will be presented late next week. In general, the Congress will embrace 3 days of presentations (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and a mid-congress field trip (Wednesday). The official opening of the Congress will be on the morning of June 27th and the closing will be on the evening of the 30th. The participants are invited to arrive on June 26th and depart on July 1st.

Accommodation options

There are two accommodation options for which we arranged discount and can be booked directly through us upon your request. One option is in the same building as the congress venue (the Mekinje Monastery) and the other is B&B not far from it (B&B Pod skalo).

For those who wish to stay in B&B, we would like to inform you, that the discounted price is only available for reservations made till 27th April. In case you wish to book your accommodation there, please inform us before this deadline. Later on you can book the rooms there by yourselves.

Accommodations with discounts in the Monastery can be booked also later if still available, but beds/rooms in Monastery can be booked only through us (not possible via other websites and providers or directly with the accommodation).

In general, we promote for ECOO participants to be accommodated in one of this two options if they reach your requirements.

More about accommodation, together with prices, can be find here.

From those vacancies on 29. 4. we still have available:

THE MEKINJE MONASTERY (all have shared bathroom)

  • 4-person rooms (mixed or same gender) where some bunk beds are still available;
  • 6-person rooms (mixed or same gender) where bunk beds are still available;
  • one bed in triple room (mixed gender).


  • one bed in twin room with private bathroom (for female).

There is no single or double room available anymore.

3-person dorm with shared bathroom at the Mekinje Monastery.
6-person dorm with shared bathroom at the Mekinje Monastery.
Another 6-person dorm with shared bathroom at the Mekinje Monastery.

Registration for the ECOO 2022 is open

The Slovene Dragonfly Society is welcoming you to the 6th European Congress on Odonatology (ECOO 2022) which will take place in Slovenia, from June 27th to 30th 2022. Registration, grant application and abstract submission forms are already provided.

Registration & Grants

You can now access the Registration Form. We have strived to have as low fees as possible. Registration fee for early registration (up to 1st April) is 120 € for students and 240 € for others, while for late registration (by 31th May) it is 150 € for students and 270 € for others. The registration fee covers congress materials, mid-congress trip, four lunches, welcome and farewell congress dinner and the congress venue site. Accommodation, breakfasts, two dinners and transportation to the Congress venue are not included in the listed registration fee. Participation of students at the Congress is one of the important missions of ECOOs.

Limited grants for participating are available as well. The deadline for applying for a Grant is 15th February.

Location & Accommodation

The location for the ECOO 2022 is the medieval city of Kamnik (central Slovenia) which is easily accessible from our capital city or the nearby Ljubljana Airport. Check also How to get there page. The actual venue of the Congress is the Mekinje Monastery. Accommodation is not included in the congress fee, and you are kindly requested to arrange for it by yourselves. The organisers themselves can help by providing a limited number of dorms with shared bathrooms and B&B accommodations. There are several other options for accommodation in Kamnik. For more information, go to the Accommodation info page.


The official opening of the Congress will be on the morning of June 27th 2022 and the closing will be on the evening of the 30th. The participants are invited to arrive on June 26th and depart on July 1st. Lectures and poster presentations will deal preferably with the Odonata of the Western Palearctic, on various subjects. The working language of the Congress will be English. If you have anything you would like to present, please fill in the registration and the abstract form as soon as possible in order to alleviate the organisation of the Congress. The deadline for submitting abstracts is by 20th April the latest. More about abstracts.

In addition to presentations and a full day mid-congress trip during this 4-day Congress, we would like to provide a place for odonatological fair in order to ease access to literature and other products connected with dragonflies and field work. To this end we would also like to ask you to join this initiative by bringing your own publications, items or other relevant material available in your country.

Additionally, after the Congress a 6-day post-congress field trip is planned (July 1st–6th).

The team behind ECOO 2022 bids you a very warm welcome to Slovenia in June 2022!

ECOO Grants are opened

Thanks to our sponsors, limited grants for participating at ECOO 2022 are available as well. You can already access the Grant application Form. Preference for grants is given to the unemployed (covering also students) and those coming from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, who will participate with the topics on European odonates.

More information and guidlines are written in the Grant section.

The deadline for applying for the ECOO Grant is 15th February 2021.